Friends of Mana Island

Welcome to the website for the Friends of Mana Island (or FOMI)


Mana Island is a predator-free island located off the coast of New Zealand, near Porirua.

FOMI was formed in December 1998 to provide support for the Department of Conservation (DOC) in the restoration of Mana Island. FOMI comprises volunteers who work on restoration projects on Mana Island, for both flora and fauna. FOMI also runs guided trips to the island for visitors.

A restoration plan was prepared by DOC in 1999 and reviewed in 2010.

The plan called for a 20-year planting program to restore the vegetation and habitat of Mana Island to a similar environment to that existing prior to human intervention on the Island. The re-forestation program called for the planting of some 500,00 trees over the period.

This has now been achieved. The review provides a summary of progress since 1987 and recommendations and tasks into the future.

The restoration of Mana Island is an ongoing process. Find out more in this website.


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