Mana Island Floral Diversity Project

This is a three-stage process to enhance the floral diversity of the island.

  • Mana Island Floral Diversity Enhancement Report-Stage 1- April 2015 – This first report outlines the collation and review of information about the revegetation and floral diversity of Mana Island. In 2010, Friends of Mana Island identified the need to improve the floral diversity on the island, following 27 years of planting and threatened plant management. Existing information was reviewed and recommendations made for volunteer opportunities.
  • Mana Island Floral Diversity Enhancement Report, Stage 2 – May 2016 – This latest report outlines stage two which involved the ground truthing of floral restoration work that had been undertaken in the past, and the desktop findings of the stage one report.

Fairy Prion Project:

Fluttering Shearwater

Yellow Crowned Parakeets

Skink Pitfall Trapping in Pukerua Bay

Guiding & Interpretation Project 2015-2016, sponsored by:

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Sponsors: Swazi New Zealand