What our visitors say

Here are comments from visitors about our guided trips to Mana Island:

“Brilliant trip, much more to see than I expected. Will come back and perhaps walk on my own next time after this comprehensive introduction. Thank you for a great day out!” – Sigrid (March 2018)

The background  information and  advice about what to bring was superb and we all commented on how well organised the whole trip was. We took our grandkids and we  had a fantastic time. A very memorable trip for us all.” – Gordon (March 2018)

“Great day trip, excellent friendly knowledgeable guides. Fascinating place to visit. Fantastic work by the volunteers, wonderful to see all the planting work done. Such a transformation thank you.” Visitor with Austrian Builders trip (March 2018) 

“Had an awesome day, such a great place for a day trip! Fantastic work being carried out by the volunteers.” – Janice (February 2018) 

“Wonderful trip – well done”; “Great to see takahe, two families”; “Fabuloso”; “Will come again”; “Excellent day” – Several visitors (January 2018) 

“Just wanted to thank FOMI for a wonderful day trip to Mana on Sunday. Great hosts and a most informative day. It is great to be overlooking the island each day and now to have so much more knowledge of what is there. You have a fan and advocate!” – Peter (June 2017)
“What a wonderful day out on Sunday 23 April you made available for all of us on a perfect autumn day. Many thanks for the great opportunity to visit an island that one of our home stay students helped plant in 1997. We enjoyed the unique island environment in our locale.” – Helen (April 2017)
“I had an awesome day at Mana Island yesterday.The weather was brilliant and Brian and Philippa were fountains of knowledge. I strongly recommend a visit.” – Liz (March 2017)
“It was a perfect day which we thoroughly enjoyed. Our guide was marvellous. Chris, the new DOC ranger could not conceal his joy in having the best job in the world” – Peter (March 2017)
“Thanks for a wonderful visit to Mana Island today. Friends of Mana Island are doing a great job. If I wasn’t already involved at Zealandia I would be tempted to become a volunteer with you.” – Kathryn (March 2017)


“What a superb day we had on Mana Island! It was especially interesting for me as my family were part of a tree-planting party in the early days in 1986 and this was my first return visit! I couldn’t believe the changes that have taken place since then and the whole island green with bush and vegetation! We saw birds everywhere – kakariki, bellbirds, tui, fan tails … And even two gannets near the concrete ones! I was really impressed by all the work that has been done over the years to turn the island into the amazing nature reserve it is now. 
Our guides Jan and Julie looked after us well and were able to answer all our questions – we were lucky to have ranger Chris with us too for most of the day. I thought he was particularly good at engaging the children with interesting facts and information – especially about skinks and geckos. My friend and I had a wonderful day (amazing weather included) and will definitely be recommending the trip. So glad we went.” – Sally (October 2016)